Generator for your Home by MTS

Generator for your Home

Generator for your Home by MTS

Living in Florida means preparing for all sorts of contingent situations, and one of the most important preparations you can invest in is purchasing a Generator for your home. MTS power products have been the top dealer for commercial and residential generators, as well as general electrical products in Florida for well over 30 years. We do business with some of the most well-known business, and important government organizations in the Sunshine State. The residents of Florida, particularly in South Florida, know how important it is to have power available and backup plans in place to manage that power- which is where having a generator for your home comes into play

Generators in General
Before we try to explain why we think it’s so important for you to have a generator for your home, it helps to understand what a generator is/does. Generators are machines, that utilise a motor in order to convert fossil fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and natural gasses into usable electrical energy. This energy can be used for everything from small appliances to vehicles like cars or boats, all the way up to entire commercial installations. Most locations are connected to the power provided by their local power company for regular use, however, there are circumstances where even a generator can be used as the primary source of power. This is particularly the case with pop-up installations or temporary locations in areas that may be more rural or not have access to a continuous source of power. For residential purposes though, generators are more commonly used as a backup in case of emergency situations in which normal power is lost, and Floridians know a lot about this.

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Why should I have one in Florida?
The main reason to have a generator for your home- particularly as a Florida resident- is the semi-normalcy of inclement weather. Florida exists in a global region known as the “tropics” which means the climate is very warm, and very humid pretty consistently. This leads to thunderstorms very often, which can become intense enough to knock out power in small areas for a short while. Important installations like hospitals or areas that store large quantities of perishable food rely on generators to keep electrical systems running during these outages. Furthermore, Florida is prone to hurricanes that form in the Atlantic ocean. These massive superstorms have always been a part of Florida’s natural disaster history. Every year Floridians prepare for hurricane season, the time from the middle of the summer through the fall, where hurricanes are statistically likely to form. A major part of this preparedness is having a working, well maintained, readily fueled residential generator in Florida.

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