Parts for Generators, and Repairs by MTS

Parts for Generators, and Repairs by MTS

MTS Power products are your home to find parts for generators, as well as professional repairs and sales of new equipment! MTS is a leader in the Florida Electrical equipment, parts, and components industry, working with some of the highest rates and most well know electrical component manufacturers. We’ve been at th e game of selling and repairing parts for generators and other electrical equipment for over thirty years, and we’re still going stronger than ever. That’s because of the quality of work and the product you can expect only from the train professionals at MTS power products!As a family-owned and operated business, MTS looks forward to providing your home or business with effective, cost-friendly power solutions to suit whatever your needs may be. Read on to find out more about who we are, and what we offer.

General Motors, Mitsubishi Motors,  John deere, are just some of the industry titans who trust us to repair and sell parts for generators and other electrical equipment manufacture. It doesn’t matter if your generator needs are fueled by natural gas or liquid petroleum, because MTS Power works with and sells both types of technologies! From primary generators to standby generators, electrical switches, and regulator sets- MTS power has it all. Our technologies are sourced from the best developers and manufacturers out there, both foreign and domestic. When it comes to Parts, we also make our own! We make and sell the highest Quality McPhearson Controls Voltage Regulators, and transfer Switches- as well as a variety of other Generator Parts including but not limited to:

  • Governers
  • ATS controls
  • Battery Chargers
  • Engine Controls
  • Auxieller Excitation boosters

The number of available brands, and techs, the different parts for generators and engines, transformers and switches, there’s just so much available today! Which of course, is why we make sure to hire and work with only the most experienced and knowledgeable electrical technicians. We want to ensure you have peace of mind in the investment of your and our safety, and that’s why we settle for nothing but the most knowledgeable technicians.

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Additionally,  MTS can custom design a solution that precisely fits your needs. You might need a continuing source of power in a rural or undeveloped area- and are looking for a Primary Generator. You may need a backup source of emergency power, that way in an unexpected power outage your location continues a somewhat normal operation in a safe environment. IT could even be that your current on-site solution is failing and you need an assessment and repair solution. Not to worry, the pros at MTS power are here to help you! Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a quote, or more information delivered by our friendly staff! MTS Power- Powering up south FL for 30 years!

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