Standby Generator in 2021 by MTS

Standby Generator in 2021

Standby Generator in 2021 by MTS Power

At MTS Power Products, we know that there are many good reasons to consider owning a quality standby generator in 2021. We are the number one retailer of reputable and 1quality power and power management products in south Florida. We carry and sell a number of these kinds of products, including Generators but also Switches, Control panels, Voltage Regulators, and more. MTS is known for working with the best brand names in Power you may already be familiar with such as GM, Mitsubishi, Ford, and John Deere. However, you may not know that we also specialize in building custom generators and power solutions to suit your needs.  If you’re in need of a power solution, don’t hesitate to call today and let our highly trained, friendly, and professional staff get your property powered-up safely, and properly- today! Today we wanted to take the time to explain why its a good idea to have a Standby Generator in 2021. To best do this, we first need to explain what a generator is, which will then enable us to explain why this particular kind of generator is useful.

A Generator, are also known in the industry as a Gen Set, is a motor-powered device designed to convert fossil fuels into usable electrical energy. Generators are incredibly useful devices in both the residential and commercial sectors but are used most often by commercial, government, or healthcare organziations. for example, picture a busy hospital, full of patients. If this facility were to totally lose power with no way to restore or back it up, this could result in a nightmare of epic proportions. So many industries are so dependent on continuous power that failure to have it could literally put human lives at risk. MTS specializes in Generators and has remained the leading expert in South Florida’s power products industry for over 30 years.

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Owning a standby generator in 2021 is just as important as ever. Generators come in several categories, and they are gauged by an international standard- ISO 8528- that rates the power output of generators, and classifies their purposes. Though there are many very specific generator classifications out there, they can be more generically split up into two categories- Prime and Standby. Prime generators are designed to provide some form of power on a regular basis. The amount of power- or how often they provide may vary based on the kind of prime generator. Let’s break those down

  • Prime – Generators intended to provide continuous power in situations that may need to rely on a generator always, and don’t have easy access to normal continuous power.
  • Standby –Generators intended to be used as an emergency, or backup power for situations in which the primarily available power sources fail or become temporarily unavailable.

So, a standby generator is a tool used to provide backup power during emergent or urgent circumstances in which normal power has been interrupted. In a state like Florida, owning one of these can be the difference between making it through a disastrous hurricane with some level of safety and comfort- or not. Give MTS a call today for more info!

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